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Fresh Off The Press
Fresh Off The Press

What We do

  • Clothing Brands

    We partner with select creators to launch and grow clothing brands.

  • Corporate Swag

    We develop full service online swag stores and custom corporate gift packs.

  • Events

    We design and produce custom merch for concerts, special events and more.

YOUR Merch is your brand. don't throw it out.

Society Merch is changing the way people think about merch and raising the bar for what swag means. All too often merch is looked at as a cheap way for creators to monetize, or as a generic gift that gets forgetten about.

We look at merch differently - merch is a physical piece of your brand and should be done thoughtfully, or not at all. Merch is an opportunity to inspire your community and build pride around your brand's mission.

Designed to Inspire
Designed to Inspire

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