We build unique, modern swag stores with private label collections. Get in touch


We build modern swag stores. Each store is unique and brings a lively, inspiring shopping experience to your community.

Uniquely Yours

We don't build cookie cutter stores, we design stores that bring your brand and swag to life.

Custom Collections

We turn your brand into a unique clothing line that elevates your brand.

Company Culture

Employees want quality swag items they can wear with pride. Our stores make your custom swag accessible to your employees anytime.

Client Gifts

Send clients a gift they'll wear again and again with ease. Turn merch into an impression that last years.

Built on Shopify

We build on Shopify - the leading ecommerce platform, giving your organization a modern, SSO integrated shopping experience.

Storage & Fulfillment

Say goodbye to swag closets, we store your swag, and ship out as you need it.


Fill out the form below, or send us an email at hello@societymerch.com to learn more about the Swag Department Program.


Swag Store Frequently Asked Questions

A swag store is a unique online storefront for your brand's swag collection. When you work with us, your swag collection is more like a clothing line than your typical company swag.

When launching a swag store, our team works with you to design a bespoke swag collection that turns your brand into a bespoke clothing line for your community.

Swag stores are great for any organization interested in building a strong company culture, and connection between brand and community. Typically swag stores make most sense for companies with at least 50 employees.

Absolutely. Some organizations want their stores to be exclusively for their community. In these cases we restrict store access by authenticating store visitors with any major Single Sign On (SSO) provider.

A swag store is no stress - we manage everything from product collections and content to customer support and fulfillment. Need a site update? Just email your account manager.

We handle all storage, fulfillment and customer support for your swag store.

Our swag stores are not like others. We wow your community, turning your brand into an exclusive private label clothing line for your community, with a uniquely designed modern storefront.

About 60 days.